Yes, mussels!

You know that you should really be eating less meat, for health reasons and for the environment. But on the other hand, you do need to get your protein. If only there was a good and tasty alternative ... Hey, wait a minute... Yes, mussels!

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How many ways can you prepare mussels and other shellfish? Answer: in lots of different ways! Be inspired by our recipes.

Making new waves with our brand

Our great-grandfather Pieter Verwijs started farming oysters in 1880. So ever since we can remember, we have lived with, and from the sea. We are proud to continue his legacy with Premier. In order to carry on his heritage, we developed a new visual identity.

The new colours, symbols and style reflect on our Premier products in an greener and even more sustainable way.

Our new slogan "Seafarmers by nature" underlines our commitment to leaving behind a better and healthier sea for future generations.

Seafarmers by nature

New website

To reflect our brand online as well as offline, we work hard to ensure that our website fits our high standards. In doing so we need to carefully lay out our journey and develop an online presence that helps visitors finding what they need. For now, we will direct you to our existing website, that will stay in place during our transition phase.

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