Deep-fried oysters

  • Appetizer
  • 4 persons
  • 15 min. preparation


  • 24 Premier Oesters Nr.2
  • Jus de 2 citrons
  • 150 grammes de beurre
  • 50 ml d’huile de noisette
  • 10 noisettes sans peau finement hachées
  • 3 cuillères à soupe de persil plat
  • 750 ml d'huile végétale
  • 2 œufs
  • 90 grammes de farine
  • 1 cuillère à soupe de sauce de soja légère
  • 20 grammes de miettes de pain blanc

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Deep-fried oysters with parsley/lemon hazelnut butter
  1. Shuck the oysters and remove any shell fragments. Keep the oyster flesh in a colander. Whip the butter until soft and add the lemon juice, parsley, hazelnut oil, hazelnuts and a twist of pepper.
  2. Heat the oil on a high heat.
  3. Mix the eggs, flour and soy sauce well in a dish; cover the oysters one by one with the batter and then with the breadcrumbs. Once the oil is hot, add the oysters in batches of six, and fry for one minute until nicely browned. Then drain the oysters on kitchen towel and serve on warm plates. Serve the butter in a separate bowl.

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