In the kitchen

Boil, steam, stir-fry, grill, bake or fry them. Serve them on their own or with vegetables, sauces and spices. As an amuse-bouche, as a starter or as a main course. Shellfish truly offer infinite variations. And they are all oh so tasty! We are always on the lookout for delicious new recipes. We post the best ones here on our site. Enjoy!

Frequently asked questions

  • Should I rinse molluscs like mussels before preparing them? 

Premier molluscs have already been cleaned so well during the dilution and purification process that you don't actually need to wash them. If you prefer to rinse them anyway, use cold water. 


  • How long should I cook mussels for? 

Mussels usually need to cook for only a few minutes. It depends on how you prepare them. If you do it without water, in other words you steam the mussels in their own juices, it's very quick. If you cook them in a curry, say, it takes a little longer, but no more than five minutes. You'll know exactly when the mussels are done – as soon as their shells are open. That goes for all molluscs. Give them a good stir so that all the mussels have had the same amount of heat in the pan and you know for sure that they are all cooked.


  • How can I tell if a mollusc is fresh?

The mollusc must still be alive. It's very easy to check. Firstly, you can tell by the shell. If it is completely closed, the mollusc is still alive. If the shell is slightly open and does not close again when you put it back in the water, the mollusc is no longer alive and you should throw it away.

A second way is to use your nose. With oysters that is a handy tool. Open the shell and if the oyster smells of the sea, then it's good. If you can't smell the sea and/or the oyster is dry, the temperature has probably got too high, and the oyster is no longer fresh.


  • What should I do if a shell stays closed?

Sometimes a single shell won't open during cooking. Don't try to force it open –simply throw it away to be on the safe side.


  • Where can I find great recipes for shellfish?

Shellfish offer infinite variations. At Premier, we know that better than anyone. We will be pleased to share the most delicious recipes and dishes with you. You can find them at:


  • What are the best months for mussels?

In the old days, before there was refrigerated transport, there had to be an 'r' in the month for the best mussels. Nowadays, you benefit with Premier from the best mussel seasons throughout Northern Europe, which means every month is the best mussel month of the year.


  • How do you open an oyster?

It's a tricky thing, opening an oyster. At least, if you ask most people. But actually it's really not that hard. Watch this video... and you'll be effortlessly popping open one oyster after another.


  • How do I cook lobster or crab? 

When you are cooking lobster or crab, always start with a large pan of water. Because in a small pan, the water cools too quickly when you put the lobster or crab in it. Once the water is boiling, put your lobster or crab in it with its head down. The bigger the lobster or crab, the longer the cooking time. Allow approximately 3 to 5 minutes cooking time for a lobster weighing around 500 grams. Then cut it in half lengthwise and remove the stomach sack (which is below the eyes). A quick rinse and you're done. Check out the best recipes here. 


  • Can I also grill or steam lobster or crab? 

Yes, you can. Do make sure you kill the lobster first. Do so by placing the tip of a large knife on the small cross on the shell just behind the head. Then forcefully push it through the head in one powerful movement. After that, you can cut the lobster in half, remove the stomach sack and continue with the preparation. Click here for all kinds of delicious recipes.