Barbecue Mussels

  • Verhit
    Heat the aluminum tray for 2 minutes on the barbecue and let it heat up thoroughly
  • Mosselen in de bak
    Put the mussels in the aluminum tray
  • Olie
    Add the olive oil
  • Mossel
    Grill the mussels until all of them are open (preferably under a closed lit)
  • Eet smakelijk

Heat, Grill, Eat

Biased as we are, we believe that mussels are the most delicious food
in the world. But mussels are not only delicious, they're also very
healthy: low in fat, yet high in proteins, minerals, phosphorus and
vitamins. And the fat they contain just happens to be the healthy
type: unsaturated fatty acids. But there is more in mussels. Mussels
have a high iodine content and contain selenium, copper and iron – all
ingredients that make for a healthy meal.