What goes for mussels goes for all shellfish and sea vegetables and seaweeds. It is a sustainable solution to the increasing demand for food.

With an ever-growing world population, we are looking for alternatives to meet the increasing demand for food. Shellfish and sea vegetables and seaweeds are a perfect solution, if you ask us.

As you may already have read under 'Mussels, a sustainable alternative', far fewer factors that are harmful to the environment are involved in the cultivation of mussels than in livestock breeding for meat. No (scarce) fresh drinking water and food are needed, and there is no animal waste to be disposed of either. Nor is there any undesirable use of medicines such as antibiotics. That goes for all shellfish and sea vegetables and seaweeds.

The great thing is, you still get your proteins, but without harmful fats and – another bonus – with few calories. Plus, you benefit from a truckload of vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and other healthy nutrients. 

So important

Don't ask us how important it is to treat the environment well. We are biased. With the nature reserve of the Eastern Scheldt as our 'backyard' and the many beautiful seas as fertile soil for our wonderful products, we cherish the environment like no one else. The same is true of the growers we work with. They are generally also family-owned businesses who feel passionately about nature. They work in it and live from it. It is their history and their future.

So Premier also stands for quality in sustainability. In concrete terms, that means we make sure the growing, harvesting and processing of all our products is as sustainable as possible. In our processing centre we use sustainable processes, supported by solar panels, for example. Our production process is circular. Residual products from the process, such as empty shells, small crabs and seaweed, go back into the sea where possible, where they serve as food for other water dwellers. But nothing goes back into nature that does not belong there. This is a sustainable way of working. For us it's the only way of working.