Food safety

The Premier brand stands for quality. And we are not just talking about that delicious crab or lobster and those lovely, richly-filled shells. We are also talking about food safety.

Food safety is one of the top priorities at Krijn Verwijs, the company behind the Premier quality mark. Our focus is on food safety throughout the process, from growing and fishing at source to packing for shipment to the customer.

Just like at home

It starts by mimicking the natural living conditions of the shellfish. The creatures must feel happy and at home during the process. At Krijn Verwijs in Yerseke, they are 'spoiled' in the dilution and purification system. Here they can rest and recover from their journey and purify themselves with specially treated pure Eastern Scheldt water, at the exact temperature they love. That way, they can rinse themselves clean and remain in top condition.


Once the dilution and purification process is complete, the packing process begins. From that moment, the temperature of the shellfish never rises above 7 degrees Celsius. This inhibits the metabolism, keeping the product fresh for longer. Moreover, it effectively blocks bacteria. Temperature and the presence of bacteria and viruses are constantly monitored during the entire production and packing process.


Premier shellfish are mostly vacuum-packed. The underpressure ensures that the shells stay closed, meaning the shellfish retain their moisture and so stay fresh longer. And of course, the packaging keeps bacteria and other external infection risks at bay.  The vacuum packaging (the tray) is made of recyclable plastic. After use, it can be put in the plastic waste. The top foil is also made of plastic but due to its current composition (multiple layers) it cannot yet be recycled. So for now the foil needs to be disposed of with the other waste.


Throughout the process, we always employ all measures, such as strict security and sanitation procedures in our processing centre, in order to ensure food safety – as reflected by the many certificates we have been awarded. For example, we meet the highest level of the IFS (International Food Safety Standard) and the statutory HCCP standards. With Premier, you are therefore assured of optimal food safety.

What can you do to ensure the same level of food safety in your own kitchen? Look under 'Buying & storage' and 'Hygiene'.