Pasta vongole, paella and fruits de mer. All delicious, and all dishes in which shellfish play the starring role. These little protein bombs are tasty and super healthy. You'll never get bored of them because there are a huge number of different species. The best-known are probably scallops, razor clams, cockles, vongola clams and palourde clams. But there are so many more.

From all over Europe

Shellfish grow in lots of different places. Some, such as cockles and razor clams, grow in the Netherlands. Others prefer the habitats of Italy, Ireland or the UK. They all have their own unique properties, structure and taste. Which one works best in which dish? Check our recipes, try them out and find out for yourself.

Good to know

Fishing for small shellfish is often still done in the traditional way, with small ships or by hand. Wondering how that works? Try Googling 'Cockles Wadden Sea'. You'll find some nice video clips on the subject.